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An image cropped from a panoramic whole school formal photograph of 1932, showing girls sitting cross-legged in the front row.Girls in the Grammar School

Although Guisborough Grammar School was a boys' school, girls were taught there from 1907 until the 1930s in a preparatory class.

Below is a list of all the girls taught in the very early prep classes, between 1907 and 1912.  

If you are researching your family's history and would like more information about the people listed, or information that is more recent than 1912, please contact ppc.museum@pursglove.ac.uk . Let us know who you are looking for, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  


First   name(s)   Last name Date of admission Age on admission Date of leaving   Teacher's comments
Dorothy   Allison 14/01/1908 8      
Muriel   Langburn 1907 September 6      
Betty   Portious 14/01/1908 10     Chemist's Assistant
Marjorie   Woodcock 21/09/1919 7 16/12/1922    
Muriel Maud   Langburn 15/09/1912 12 28/07/1916   Home
Winifred Martha   Oliver 15/09/1912 11 10/04/1914    
Ruby Walker   Wilson 15/09/1912 10 15/04/1916   Home; Nursing
Barbara Robina Mary   Heseltine 15/09/1912 9 15/04/1916    
Muriel Marguerite   Roxby 15/09/1912 8 30/07/1914   Home
Sarah Sadie Dorothy   Banks 15/09/1912 8 Not recorded   Home; Married 1930: Mrs Beel
Dorothy   Pattinson 20/09/1912 11 17/12/1912   Bank Clerk during the war; married in 1923: Derrick Foster R.   F. C. 
Sybil   Elliff 20/09/1912 13 17/12/1912   Bank Clerk; married
Barbara R. Mary   Heseltine 14/01/1908 ?      
Dorothy Stonehouse   Allison 14/01/1908 8      
Betty   Porteous 14/01/1908 ?      



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